Could New York Giants Get Brandon Jacobs Back?

By Andrew Lecointe
Kelley L. Cox — US Presswire

Call it a reunion for CB Aaron Ross. The former Jacksonville Jaguars‘ defensive back was released after just one unproductive season. Ross wasn’t without a home for long, though. The New York Giants quickly picked him up for the veteran’s minimum, citing their struggles and lack of depth at the position due to injuries.

It’s a safe pickup for the Giants, bringing someone who is very familiar with the roster and also familiar with the area.

Could the Giants do the same with former RB Brandon Jacobs? Jacobs had a tumultuous season with the San Francisco 49ers, and he was eventually suspended and released for his verbal jabs at the team on social networks.

Things definitely didn’t go as planned for Jacobs, who signed a deal with a team that was already loaded at the position. Furthermore, the 49ers decided to use their second-round pick on RB LaMichael James, further hurting Jacobs.

It was a real costly season for Jacobs, as it appears there isn’t a team out there who cares about acquiring him for the 2013 season. The Giants currently have RB David Wilson and RB Andre Brown, but they could still use a third running back. That’s where Jacobs comes in.

Brown missed the last half of the season with a broken leg, so that could be a question mark in the future. Wilson is a small back who’s expected to carry the load, and that can expose him to injuries.

The Giants can surely acquire Jacobs for the veteran’s minimum, so it wouldn’t cost them much at all. They should look to lock up WR Victor Cruz and possibly WR Hakeem Nicks before they look to add Jacobs. The Giants may not need Jacobs that much, but there’s no doubt Jacobs needs the Giants.

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