Denver Broncos and Elvis Dumervil: It Appears to be Over

By Joe Morrone
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Unless there is another last-minute shift in the thinking of defensive end Elvis Dumervil, it appears that the Denver Broncos will be moving on to fill their need for a pass rusher.

Dumervil, reportedly, was underwhelmed with the Broncos last offer and is in the process of scheduling other visits. The Broncos, sensing that Dumervil is likely to move on, have scheduled visits with Dwight Freeney and John Abraham on Thursday.

Dumervil has every right to seek better opportunities elsewhere but one thing needs to be clear — he did this to himself.

The Broncos, from the very beginning, made their position very clear to both Dumervil and his agent at the time, Marty Magid. They made their offer, which was very fair as it relates to the market, and they gave Dumervil and Magid a firm deadline of 1:00 mountain time. Dumervil originally turned down the offer but then changed his mind at 1:25, making it extremely difficult to meet the 2:00 deadline imposed by the NFL.

Since then, the Broncos have been nothing but professional towards Dumervil and his new agent. They would have been perfectly within their rights to move on without making another offer, but they did. If Dumervil decides it’s not enough then that’s fine, but he should also remember that the original offer was above market value, and he initially turned it down.

Had he accepted it before the 1:00 deadline, then chances are he would still be among the highest paid pass rushers in the league.

So now the Broncos move on, and they will be just fine signing someone else and probably draft another player who can rush the passer. It’s also important to remember that the Broncos have had a terrific off-season to this point and are one of the favorites heading into the 2013 season.

It was an unfortunate situation for both sides, but the Broncos and their fans should be proud of the way John Elway and the front office handled their business. Their approach was honest and professional, that’s really all you can ask from any organization.

As for Dumervil, I hope he finds whatever it is he is looking for because in my opinion, he is making a colossal mistake if he leaves the Broncos.

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