Is Jerry Jones Rushing Tony Romo's New Contract in Order Make a Splash in Free Agency?

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

It had been awhile since Dallas Cowboys fans heard much from owner Jerry Jones and with free agency going on all around Jones, you had to know it wasn’t going to last. Jones finally ended his silence yesterday at the owner’s meetings by talking with the media and, as always, giving us plenty to discuss.

During that time with the press, Jones touched on a number of topics but the only one that anyone really seems to care about is the contract status of Tony Romo. Every Cowboys fan knows the team can’t spend any money on free agency because they don’t have any to spend and the only way to free up space on their salary cap is to sign Romo to a new contract. And as Jerry Jones told us yesterday, that appears to be coming soon.

My only question is, why the rush to get a new deal with Romo? Up to this point the Cowboys have seemed content to go into 2013 with the players they have and to use the draft to improve their team. I’m sure we’ve all read how not having any money to spend on free agents is a good thing because it stops Jones from overspending and forcing the team to put more focus on the draft. You’ll get no argument from me on that point but I’m still not sure why there’s a rush to extend Tony Romo?

Then the thought came to me; perhaps Jones has seen all the other teams making their free agent signings and he feels the need to keep up with them. The New York Giants have signed a few players and the Philadelphia Eagles have made plenty of moves, which may make Jones feel antsy to stay relevant and in the headlines. We all know that is no way to run a football team but since when has Jones run the Cowboys in a rationale fashion?

Perhaps what he’s missing is that none of the moves in free agency have impressed me or made any of the Cowboys rivals, or any team, that much better. There have been no game changers in free agency and even though the Cowboys haven’t bettered themselves yet, their focus should be on improving through the draft. It’s a cheaper, and smarter, way to build a winning team so there is no ned to panic over not signing any free agents.

Maybe Jones didn’t expect some of the players who got released to be available and he wants to rush the Romo deal in order to try and sign those players. Safety Michael Huff and tackle Eric Winston come to mind in this theory, but again, the Cowboys shouldn’t rush a deal with the most important player on the team just to sign a few players. Especially players who play positions that are deep in the draft this year. I’m not saying the Cowboys couldn’t use either player, but it would be foolish to sign Tony Romo to a bad contract just so they could sign someone else.

The Cowboys are in a tough spot with their negotiations with Tony Romo and I don’t know anything about what’s going on behind closed doors. What I do know is that they shouldn’t be rushing a new deal because of Jerry Jones’ impatience. That leads to bad decisions and the Cowboys can’t afford any of those.

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