Luckily for Dallas Cowboys Fans, Jason Garrett Gets It

By Ben Grimaldi
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For the past two seasons the Dallas Cowboys biggest problem has been its offensive line. I know it, you know and luckily for Cowboys fans everywhere, Jason Garrett knows it. So when you’re filling out your mock drafts in the next few weeks, pay attention to what Garrett told reporters today.

According to Clarence Hill of the Star-Telegram, Garrett said the Cowboys biggest needs are to be “better at running the football and being stronger on the offensive line.”

And there it is, the elephant in the room has finally been identified by Garrett. No sugar coating or excuse making for the play of the offensive line in the past few years, just the honest assessment of his team. Anybody still wondering if Garrett understands what he’s doing on offense just got their answer. Garrett didn’t stop there though, he went on to talk about how to make the Cowboys offense even more efficient.

“The better you are around him (Tony Romo), the more effective he is going to be, a better running game, multiple targets to throw the football to. All of those things would certainly help the quarterback and alleviate some of the burden.”

So while Jerry Jones continues to talk about Tony Romo’s skills as a quarterback when the play breaks down, Garrett is trying to ensure that it happens less often. It’s good news for Cowboys fans everywhere that smartly identify the offensive line as their major need in the draft that Jason Garrett agrees with you. He wants a better offensive line to open up holes for the Dallas running backs and to keep his quarterback upright; there is no better way for the Cowboys to improve and Garrett knows it.

The formula for enhancing the Cowboys offense is simple, and it all begins and ends with improving the offensive line. Better line play, the better their running game will be; the better their running game is, the better Tony Romo will be and so on. For all the good in Romo’s game he does have a major flaw and that’s trying to do too much. He can’t carry a team for an entire season and the best way to assure that he doesn’t need to is to get better play on the offensive line.

In the NFL, games are won in the trenches and it looks as if the Cowboys are ready to win more of those battles. This is a good day to be a Cowboys fan.

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