New York Giants Rumors: Which Teams Have Shown Interest in DE Osi Umenyiora?

By Andrew Lecointe
Jim O’Connor — US Presswire

It definitely doesn’t appear now that there is any chance the New York Giants will bring back DE Osi Umenyiora. Umenyiora will not be back with the Giants because he’s asking for more money than the Giants are willing to pay him. The Giants have made a couple of signings in the past week, acquiring TE Brandon Myers, LB Dan Connor, re-signing LB Keith Rivers and getting back CB Aaron Ross.

Since free agency began last week, there hadn’t been any revelations as to which teams are interested in Umenyiora, but now there are some reports trickling in. USA Today reporter Mike Garafolo says the Miami Dolphins and the Detroit Lions are two teams legitimately interested in acquiring Umenyiora. However, both teams (as well as other teams that are showing minimal interest) aren’t jumping at signing him immediately.

Umenyiora should not expect to get more than the $6 million he was paid this past season. Umenyiora is 31 years old and his days of a big payday are over. Once he accepts that, the Lions, Dolphins and other interested teams will come knocking at his and his agent’s door. Until then, Umenyiora will not get substantial interest.

Umenyiora should heavily consider joining the Lions. The Lions have parted ways with DE Kyle Vanden Bosch and DE Cliff Avril, so they’re in desperate need of a pass rusher. In order to sustain a lengthy career, it would be best to go to teams that really need your services.

Former Giants’ WR Steve Smith and RB Brandon Jacobs made those mistakes in the past and it has cost them dearly. Smith signed with the Philadelphia Eagles back in 2011, when they already had receivers Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and  Jason Avant. There was no room for Smith to make an immediate impact and prove he was recovered from knee surgery. Smith was let go after that year and is now finding himself bouncing around the league.

Jacobs was cut because he didn’t want to take another pay cut. However, Jacobs made things much worse by signing with the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers already had running backs Frank Gore, Kendall Hunter and Anthony Dixon on the roster. To make things worse, a month after signing Jacobs, the 49ers drafted RB LaMichael James.

Jacobs didn’t see the field at all, and he was noticeably and understandably upset all year. He was eventually suspended and then released by the team before the post-season. Jacobs can’t blame anyone himself. Had he gone to a team that really needed his services, he’ll still be a commodity. Now it’s not certain if he’ll get on with another team.

Hopefully Umenyiora has learned from his ex-teammates mistakes. It would be wise to sign with the Lions.

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