Tim Tebow Works out at SMU, Rumored of Being Cut by New York Jets

By Ryan Heckman
Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, it was reported that New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow worked out at SMU. To those asking, yes, I use the term “worked out” lightly. Whether or not his “workout” was successful at even somewhat impressing any other rumored potential NFL suitors, no one is sure of yet.

Combine this with rumors that Tebow was pegged as a guy who could get cut in the near future, and there may be not as big of a media circus in New York. Seeing as the Jets have been, give or take, an enormous laughing stock among NFL fans for over the past year, I cannot guarantee the circus will be completely gone — only diminished — by this potential cut.

Just what was Tebow doing at SMU though, in the first place? One could wonder if he could go elsewhere as a backup — maybe to the Dallas Cowboys or Houston Texans. Could either of those two teams be looking at using him at a different position? I would highly doubt it. But, Tebow may be intriguing for either team if placed in the right style of offense.

He sure did not pan out for the Jets last season. Many wonder if it was more because of the big picture for New York, as the team was in a position where a large number of fingers were being pointed in several different directions, all year long.

Could his career somehow be resurrected if given another opportunity somewhere in Texas? One can only hope — or pray against, depending on what your opinion of the quarterback may be.

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, both allusions above were completely intentional.

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