Atlanta Falcons Future Must Move to the Present With Travian Robertson

By Leigh Allen
Travian Robertson Atlanta Falcons
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

“I’ve got moves you’ve never seen.”

While that is a direct quote from the 1997 movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” no one should be surprised if those same words were to be uttered by Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Travian Robertson in the upcoming 2013 season.

From defensive honors in high school to five stops in the 2010 Chick-fil-A Bowl, Robertson’s abilities speak for themselves. He suffered a torn ACL in high school and another in college; he returned from both better than ever. However, Robertson is a relative unknown in the NFL. Quietly drafted in the seventh round, the primary glimpse of his talent was showcased in the 2012 preseason. That glimpse in itself displayed more than just a chance that the success of his past could carry over into the future of the Falcons.

The NFL thrives on the proficiency of the veterans as much as on the vitality of youth. With the startling release of defensive end John Abraham and the confounding loss of defensive tackle Vance Walker comes the need to invigorate the defense. After all, this is the same defense that allowed the San Francisco 49ers to stomp the Super Bowl dreams that were so close to tangibility for the Falcons. Free agency has done very little to replenish the needs created by these losses, and the upcoming draft alone cannot be counted on to close the gaps.

The time has come for something new to make a difference, something quantifiable for the purpose of revitalization.

The future of a new defense is now.

Falcons, take heed. Travian Robertson fills the bill.


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