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Buffalo Bills Poised For Another Last Place Finish in 2013

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The AFC East is shaping up to one of the most exciting divisions in the NFL for the 2013 season, but the Buffalo Bills will be the doormats. With the off-season moves that the Bills have made, I can’t imagine them making any kind of run this year.

Buffalo has been a bottom-feeder for the last decade with zero postseason appearances and only one winning season since the millennium began. Bills fans are in store for another awful year, as I fully expect them to finish below .500 for  the eighth straight season.

C.J Spiller had a career season in 2012 with over 1700 yards from scrimmage. Unfortunately, the Bills will have an absolute circus at quarterback after they decided to release Ryan Fitzpatrick from the club.

Even if Geno Smith slips to the Bills at the eight overall pick, there are no guarantees that the West Virginia Mountaineer will do much of anything in his rookie year. If I was in the Bills front office, I would trade down in the draft so I could surround myself with more talent than on the current roster. Once the Bills finally address the gaping hole at quarterback, they will need to do something about a rush defensive that was dreadful last year.

Mario Williams was the big attraction last off-season, but Bills fans have quickly jumped off of his expensive bandwagon.

With Williams’ contract hanging over this organization’s head for quite some time, I don’t expect the Bills to be competitive for at least another five seasons. Hopefully, the Bills can make the most out of their mediocrity and earn themselves the first overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

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