The New York Jets Should Not Make Any Final Decision on the Future of Darrelle Revis Just Yet

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Darrelle Revis New York Jets
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Darrelle Revis is still a member of the New York Jets. Yet, for weeks now, seemingly everyone outside the Jets organization has been pushing the idea that general manager John Idzik needs to make a decision.

“Trade him!” “Do it now!” “What are you waiting for?!”

That seems to be the mindset of the most prevalent propaganda out there.

Yet, all the wild speculation about Revis has been completely and utterly overblown since the get-go. The team hasn’t been pushing this agenda of trading Revis. In fact, they’ve said repeatedly they aim to keep him.

Of course, it’s always important to take all of this with a grain of salt. Or a few grains of salt. The bottom line is that the Jets have not yet made a decision on Darrelle Revis’s future, nor should they be in any rush to decide.

Under John Idzik’s watch, the Jets have been playing things pretty close to the vest. I must say, it’s refreshing.

Maybe that’s gotten under the skin of the headline-chasing media members who got accustomed to the leaks in the Jets’ front office in previous years. Idzik does not tip his hand when it comes to internal matters.

I don’t believe the Jets have decided with finality what they’re going to do with Revis. I don’t see any potential Revis trade as an inevitability. It would be foolish for the Jets to give him away on the cheap, regardless.

What I do believe is that the Jets would benefit from continued patience before an ultimate decision is finalized. Idzik’s patience in free agency has helped the Jets. Patience with Revis could bode well for the team, too.

Revis is still recovering from a major knee injury. ACL tears have a high rate of recovery these days, but let’s not forget the painstaking rehab process that goes into it. A 100% recovery in 11 months or so isn’t a slam dunk.

There’s no benefit to trading Revis at the nadir of his trade value. Zero. Zilch. Nada. None.

It’s highly unlikely that any team, even the seemingly desperate Tampa Bay Buccaneers, would pay truly fair value for Revis. A healthy, in-the-prime-of-his-career Revis is worth multiple first-round picks, and then some.

The Bucs would be crazy to give up multiple first-rounders for a guy who isn’t close to game action. Yet the Jets would be crazy to accept anything less than that for a player of Revis’s caliber, contract status be damned.

I believe the best approach for John Idzik and the Jets is to wait it out for now. Play it by ear. There’s no rush. Once Revis starts running, practicing and beginning to look like an All-Pro again, then make a decision.

Maybe then the Jets would feel comfortable giving him a long-term contract extension that keeps him satisfied. Maybe another team decides to offer a more lucrative package for the star cornerback. Who knows?

Revis won’t be a free agent until after the 2013 season. The NFL trading deadline isn’t until midseason. There’s no reason why the Jets can’t make a definitive decision on Revis in April, or May, or June, or July, or August.

So what’s the rush?

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