Pittsburgh Steelers Rumors: Tennessee Quarterback Tyler Bray an NFL Draft Target

By Curt Popejoy
Tyler Bray
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the positions the Pittsburgh Steelers need to address in the 2013 NFL draft, quarterback might not be one that most Steelers fans would put near the top of the list. But, it appears as if the Steelers are going to take advantage of a deep but not elite quarterback class and try and snatch up the potential replacement for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in Tennessee quarterback Tyler Bray.

It has been reported that the entire Steelers brain trust, including head coach Mike Tomlin and general manager Kevin Colbert, went to dinner with Bray the night before his Pro Day, and had all eyes on him during the the Pro Day itself. It is also rumored that the Steelers have already scheduled a private workout for Bray to dig even further into him as a person and a player.

Now, I am all for a little misinformation this time of year and I understand that teams send out false signals and smokescreens, but none of this feels like that to me. It feels like this Steelers team understands that Roethlisberger is likely at the peak of his career, the peak of his earning power, and must plan with their eye to the future.

The Steelers understand the importance of a great quarterback, as evidenced by their two decades of near futility between quarterback Terry Bradshaw‘s peak to the drafting of Roethlisberger. There were many attempts to fill that void, but nothing really worked.

So it appears the Steelers want to hedge their bets, so to speak, with a talented young signal-caller who could eventually replace Roethlisberger should his age or salary become prohibitive.

My take — at this point, whether or not the Steelers draft Bray is all about value. I would not endorse the Steelers drafting Bray in the first round. There are too many talented players this team needs at that pick for them to select a quarterback instead.

But at this point, with all the attention and hype the big-armed quarterback is getting, I’m not sure they can wait until the third round either. So if the Steelers feel like Bray is the best value for them in the second round, then I have no qualms in endorsing the pick.

I’ve had Bray as my No. 3 quarterback for the entire season, and I love his potential. He’s fearless with a big arm and good football IQ. I also hope while the Steelers staff were at the Vols pro day, they got a look at defensive tackle Montori Hughes who was there representing Tennessee-Martin, as he’s another player the Steelers could really use.

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