The Final Year of the Mark Sanchez Experiment

By Andrew Fisher
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Sanchez is about to enter his fifth and final season as a member of the New York Jets – that’s my prediction. Why the franchise hasn’t already moved on from the Sanchize, I’m not quite sure, but here we are.

After playing only one season in college, Sanchez made his way to the NFL in 2009, and New York took him with the fifth overall selection in the draft. He came to the Big Apple with fairly lofty expectations, but truthfully, no one really knew what to expect from him after just one season of college. The talent was there, but no one knew how he’d handle the big stage.

Four years later, Sanchez has regressed as quarterback of the Jets. He reverted to play that resembled his rookie year during parts of the 2012 season. He failed to hit his career average for completion percentage (55%), he failed to throw for 3,000 yards (2,883), and he threw five more interceptions than touchdowns (13-18). All of which, are just terrible trends.

I understand the rest of the Jets’ offense wasn’t very good either, but those are just bad numbers, any way you slice it.

So now we enter year five of the Mark Sanchez experiment. Should we have any expectations for No. 6? Answer -absolutely not.

I’ll go out on a limb and say that he improves slightly from last year, because honestly, how could you get much worse? The Jets aren’t going anywhere near the playoffs unless they make some serious moves here in the next five weeks. As the roster is currently constructed, Sanchez is doomed. He’s a marginal quarterback, with no talent around him.

I just hope if he’s struggling like last year, that Rex Ryan doesn’t keep him in the game just out of stubbornness.

Hopefully for Jets’ fans, one more season with Sanchez at the helm, will finally be enough to convince management to go in a different direction.


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