Baltimore Ravens Should Not Play Opening Game on Thursday Night

By Devin O'Barr
Torrey Smith with Baltimore Orioles
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Although Roger Goodell and the NFL‘s brass like to prance around like they are on top of the world, there is life outside of the NFL. Much to the dismay of Goodell, the Baltimore Orioles are a big deal and should not be deemed a side-show by the NFL.

The current dilemma that is certain to stretch will into the Fall is whether or not the Ravens should play at M&T Bank Stadium on Thursday September fifth. This would not be an issue had the Orioles been playing on the road that day, but they are instead playing host to the Chicago White Sox. Had this not been a season with such high expectations, the Ravens may have just reasons for giving the Orioles the boot out of Baltimore, but the excitement for this Orioles team is at an astronomical level.

Technically speaking, the Orioles play at Oriole Park in Camden Yards, but the franchises split a parking lot which is sure to cause havoc if the two have home games the same night. Luckily, the game is over five months away so time is not an issue and all options will be laid out on the table. I will not be in the meetings between the NFL and MLB, but I think that the Ravens should simply play the game at home on a different day or move the game to the road.

This is a sticky situation where no one is going to “win” and the last thing that Baltimore natives want to see is an all out feud between two organizations that are destined to be competitive again in 2013.

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