Green Bay Packers Will Be Fine Without Greg Jennings

By Andrew Fisher
Jeff Hanisch-USA Today Sports

I’m sure there are plenty of Green Bay Packers fans upset over the fact that Greg Jennings will now be playing for the rival Minnesota Vikings. After it seemingly came down to the Packers and Vikings as the favorites to sign Jennings, it’s probably even more upsetting for some to see him take his talents to Minneapolis. Add that in with the fact that Jennings consulted Brett Favre on multiple occasions before inking a deal to play in Minnesota, and you now probably have plenty of Greg Jennings-haters out there.

The savvy wide out had to save some face though, when he took out a local Wisconsin newspaper ad, thanking the Packers and their fans. This was a classy and smart move by Jennings, whether it was sincere or not.

But if you put all the emotions associated with this aside, will the Packers really miss Jennings on the football field? That’s what’s truly important, and the answer is – no.

Sure, it might take some time for the current Packers’ receivers to adjust to somewhat new roles, but in reality, they already played most of last season without Jennings. His absence led to the emergence of Randall Cobb, which ultimately resulted in Jennings not being a major priority for Green Bay this offseason.

The Packers are still left with a very solid receiving corps with Cobb, Jordy Nelson, and James Jones. Jennings would have just been a bonus, and the truth is, that there’s probably more long-term value in giving playing time to younger players like Cobb and Jones.

Greg Jennings simply made the right decision for his career by switching to a new team. The team that offered him the most money, just happened to be a divisional rival of the Pack. Fans shouldn’t hate him for this, and they should look at the bigger picture. Green Bay will be better off for parting ways with Jennings now, and by letting their talented young receiver corps develop.


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