Jay Cutler Is Betting On Himself In 2013

By Devin O'Barr

Jay Cutler has one more year left on his current contract and if he does not have a fantastic season he may be a backup quarterback come 2014. Although the Chicago Bears don’t have an heir apparent to Cutler, they still are in no position to extend their quarterback.

When the Bears first dealt for Cutler they thought they were getting a sure thing at QB, but he has produced just one playoff win since coming to the team in 2009. Cutler has not been a staple of consistency while in Chicago, and now he is preparing to head into this year as a lame-duck quarterback. This scenario can either work in Cutler’s favor or could wind up with the Bears going in a different direction at quarterback.

Given the money that the Baltimore Ravens just shelled out to Joe Flacco, there may be some added motivation for Cutler to have a career-season. Similar to Flacco, Cutler has not been able to have a complete NFL season since coming to the Windy City. Much of this was due to inept wide receiver play and an awful offensive line, but those excuses will not be available in 2013. General manager Phil Emery made sure to surround Cutler with a play-making wideout as he went out and traded with the Miami Dolphins to bring in Brandon Marshall last offseason.

A season after Marshall crushed nearly all of the Bears’ receiving records, Emery was at it again this offseason as he brought in LT Jermon Bushrod to protect Cutler’s blindside. The talent is in place for the star quarterback, however he still has to produce in between the white lines.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Cutler fairs given this ultimatum. Keep in mind, Cutler has missed eight games in the last three seasons combined and if he goes down for several games again in 2013, he could kiss the city of Chicago goodbye.

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