Jim Harbaugh Understandably Concerned Over Colin Kaepernick's Muscle Mass

By Andrew Fisher
Kirby Lee- USA Today Sports

In kind of an odd story, San Francisco 49ers’ head coach Jim Harbaugh has acknowledged that he is concerned over Colin Kaepernick becoming too muscular.

Harbaugh had this to say about his QB’s weight room habits:

“It’s something we’ve talked about, ‘I don’t want you getting too jacked-up, Colin.’ I want some speed, quickness, not just flexing.”

In related news, Kaepernick actually just signed an endorsement deal with Musclepharm. So he’s ‘coincidentally’ endorsing a muscle building company and the same time his head coach has become concerned about how increased arm mass, might affect his throwing ability.

I completely understand Harbaugh’s point of view. Kaepernick already has an almost perfect blend of skills and attributes. He’s already as fast as a deer, with arguably the best arm strength in the game. I don’t know how much bigger and stronger Kaepernick really needs to get.

He could stand to bulk up a bit in general, as he’s just naturally tall and lanky, but his arm really isn’t an area that needs too much strengthening. Remember, this is the guy who dislocated Randy Moss’ finger because of zip on a pass.

It’s great that Kaepernick has a new endorsement deal, and it’s great that he’s extremely committed to the weight room, but Harbaugh is correct to warn him before he gets too big.

The way the QB is currently constructed is just fine, and he should primarily be concerned with improving his reads on opposing defenses, while focusing on his accuracy as a passer.

Fans of 49ers shouldn’t worry though, because we all know if Kaepernick is looking a little to swoll, Harbaugh will keep him in line.


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