NFL Rule Changes: The Oakland Raiders Got Tucked

By Andrew Fisher
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Oakland Raiders rejoiced earlier this week when the NFL announced they were dropping the ‘tuck rule.’ It’s a rule that’s haunted the franchise for a decade now, as no one will ever forget what happened in the 2002 playoffs.

The tuck rule play is one that will forever live on in NFL history. It’s an infamous replay in the eyes of Raiders’ fans, and one they must view with a tremendous amount of hatred every time it’s aired. Tom Brady got hit from behind by Charles Woodson, and to the naked eye, he fumbled. It seemed as simple as that at the time…

Little did we know that this ‘tuck rule’ was hidden in the NFL rule book, and technically, the referees got the call right. That has to be the most frustrating thing of all to Raiders’ fans – the tuck rule call was legitimate. It wasn’t a ‘hosed over’ situation, it was the right call on the field, technically.

We all knew it was a stupid rule, but it was in the book, none the less. Why it took 10 long years for the league to finally remove it? I have no idea.

Unfortunately, it usually takes a team like the Raiders getting screwed over, before something gets done about it. Normally though, that process happens a little sooner than a decade later.

Nothing can change what happened on that snowy night in Foxborough, but at least it won’t happen to any teams in the future.

At the same time, nothing will ever change the fact that the Raiders got tucked, by a stupid rule.


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