Sense and Cents: Atlanta Falcons and Brian Urlacher

By Leigh Allen
Brian Urlacher Atlanta Falcons
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Brian Urlacher, linebacker extraordinaire for the…Atlanta Falcons?

It hasn’t happened–yet. But it could.

It was never anticipated that the name Urlacher would be mentioned separately from the Chicago Bears. Yet the formerly ludicrous notion (for Urlacher if not the Bears) has come to pass.

Is Urlacher a formidable veteran who, inside and outside of his prime, strikes terror in the hearts of offensive lines throughout the NFL? Absolutely. Could he be a workable option for the Falcons? Only maybe. Should such a choice be made on popularity and name recognition alone?

Absolutely not.

The fact that the Bears were willing to so swiftly cut what was once one of the strongest ties in the NFL left Urlacher reeling. Now it becomes a matter of pride. Strike back and show the Bears what they’ve lost by starting over and achieving fresh success.

The time has come for the name to enter the game with a new team. Is that team the Falcons?

Urlacher wanted much more money than what the Bears were inclined to provide. As it stands, the Falcons are on the verge of uncomfortably stretching the salary cap. Both sides must be open to concession on all fronts. If the negotiations were to prove fruitful, there are still issues that must be addressed.

Thirteen years in the league have definitely left their mark on Urlacher. He’ll be 35 in a couple of months. Injuries, particularly in recent years, have been substantial. Signing him to a multi-year contract wouldn’t consequentially be the optimal choice. A single-year contract is always a possibility, but would that year be spent in a primary or a limited role?

It’s no secret that the Falcons are in dire need of defensive help, yet there are no easy answers.

Whether one slice of that defensive help could come in the form of one Brian Urlacher remains to be seen.


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