Why Is Tim Tebow Still on New York Jets Roster?

By Dan Pizzuta
Ed Mullholland-USA TODAY Sports

We’re approaching the end of March and Tim Tebow is still a member of the New York Jets.


In his first year as a Jet, Tebow spent most of his time on the sidelines while playing a small role on special teams. The Jets clearly had no intention of putting Tebow in as a quarterback even with the struggles of Mark Sanchez. They even went as far as waiting to make a quarterback change during the week Tebow was injured.

So what is he still doing on the roster? Anything involving Tebow brings a losing situation to the Jets this season. Consider the following three options of what could happen with Tebow as part of the team in 2013:

Option A: Tebow plays the same role he did last season. He leads the team in time with a clipboard and media coverage for the second year in a row.

Option B: Tebow gets the chance to play quarterback and plays to the expectations of many and plays horribly. The Jets have a season as bad or worse than 2012.

Option C: Tebow gets the chance to play quarterback and turns into the fourth quarter miracle machine he was with the Denver BroncosTebow somehow makes the Jets competitive and everyone questions the decision to not play him last season.

While Option C does bring success this season, it seriously brings into question the decision making of leaving Tebow on the bench for this long. And of course this option brings more questions about last season than joy in success of 2013—we are talking about New York fans and media.

Reports are the Jets are still trying to trade Tebow—because if there’s one thing that boosts trade value, it’s sitting on the bench behind a terrible Sanchez all season. Tebow was traded for a fourth-round pick after a playoff win, he’s worth nothing now.

Cutting Tebow now saves the Jets about $1 million. More than that, it saves the Jets from the circus that came with Tebow as soon as he was brought in.

In all probability, the Jets are going to be bad with or without Tebow, they’re better off parting with him sooner rather than later.

As Sting once said, “If you love somebody, set them free,” and if there’s no way they’re gonna play, let them sail away. Sting didn’t actually say the last part, though it might have been in the remix.


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