David Diehl Must Restructure Contract To Stay With New York Giants

By jason evans
Jim O’Connor — US Presswire

One of the questions surrounding the New York Giants off-season is what the team will do with David Diehl. Will they cut him or restructure his contract in order to keep him in the fold? It’s no secret that Diehl’s play has declined in recent years, and the fact that the Giants best offensive line combination last year didn’t include him.

Diehl has cap hit of $6.903 million, with a base salary of $4.475 million and only this year left on his contract, so the team can’t restructure the deal for future years. He is apparently willing to help the team out to keep guys like Victor Cruz and Kevin Boothe.



I would be willing to do some things to restructure and help other guys out and keep a great teammate … like Victor Cruz, ” Diehl said on NFL Total Access. “I have restructured before in my 10 seasons of being a New York Giant. It is not something I am unfamiliar with. That’s part of the business in the NFL.”

Paying a backup lineman almost $7 million is not feasible. Nor is paying someone with a declining skill set that kind of money feasible either. With Sean Locklear tearing up his knee last year and unproven players like James Brewer behind him, it’s possible Diehl could regain a starting job.

Diehl is being a good teammate by trying to restructure. He may only have one more shot at getting his third ring with the Giants and keeping guys like Cruz and Boothe will go a long way in getting that goal accomplished.

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