Michael Vick: Quarterback Down to Last Chance as Starter

By Andrew Fisher
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It’s safe to say, Michael Vick is lucky to get one more shot with the Philadelphia Eagles. Seemingly, only due to the hiring of Chip Kelly and his spread-option offense, was Vick allowed to return in 2013. Kelly’s system calls for a mobile quarterback, and Vick is undoubtedly that. So I guess by default, he’s still an Eagle.

Given Philly’s situation, they had to choose between Nick Foles and Vick to run Kelly’s offense, and the choice is obvious between those two.

This isn’t the worst thing for Philadelphia, though. It’s possible that No. 7 has one more stellar season in him. Maybe this coaching change is exactly what he needs?

One thing is for sure, if the offensive line doesn’t do a better job of keeping the QB upright, Philadelphia has no chance of making the playoffs. If the players buy in and execute this new offensive system, I believe it can be successful in the NFL. But, if their blocking doesn’t improve across the board, it won’t stand a chance.

Of course when you’re talking about Michael Vick, there’s always questions about his durability. Running a spread-option will lead to bone-crushing hits at times, there’s just no way around it. At 32, can he withstand the constant punishment? Remember, Vick is coming off a severe concussion, and two years of just getting pummeled.

Even with all the lingering questions, Vick is still the best option for the Eagles in 2013. It’s worth rolling the dice, and seeing if a new coach might put some life back into him. Unquestionably though, this is his last chance.


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