Mike Shanahan is Only Stating the Obvious about Robert Griffin III

By Andrew Fisher
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Shanahan got some major publicity this past week when he commented on Robert Griffin III‘s aggressive style of play. The Washington Redskins head coach simply said that, he ‘can’t take shots consistently.’ People took that, and spun it in a bunch of different directions. How could he?

People are still mad about the playoff game last year, and they’re looking for anything they can to bring Shanahan down. Yeah, the guy screwed up, he made a bad decision to let Griffin stay in the game, and something very bad happened.

The reality – the Redskins were not going to win the Super Bowl last year even if they won their wild-card game. In addition, RG3 is likely to miss zero time because of the injury. People need to move on from criticizing Shanahan. If something like this happens again, then it’s fair to call for his job, but until then, he deserves a chance to redeem himself.

Both RG3 and the head coach have to do a better job of not taking chances. It’s a two-way street – the coaching staff needs to call safer plays, and RG3 needs to take less shots. There’s nothing wrong or untrue about Griffin needing to take less shots, it’s the truth.

We all saw how dynamic RG3 could be last year, but at the same time we saw him get absolutely rocked on numerous occasions. He’s a tough guy, but nobody can take shots like that over an extended period of time and be okay. Fans should hope to see more maturity from both Shanahan and Griffin in the upcoming season, because RG3 taking less shots is a good thing for the franchise.


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