Buffalo Bills Interested in Free Agent Tight End Fred Davis

By Scott DelleFave
Fred Davis
Matt Stamey-USA TODAY Sports

It was reported earlier today that the Buffalo Bills and its front office have met with free agent tight end Fred Davis down in D.C. for dinner late Saturday night. Davis would be a welcome addition to the Bills and would be an excellent complement to Scott Chandler who’s still recovering from a late season ACL tear. The 6′ 4″ 247 lb. Davis feels like he could do a lot of damage to defenses around the league.

Davis is also coming off an Achilles tendon injury himself, however if he returns to how explosive he was the last few years, the 27 year old could help greatly whomever the quarterback is week one of the 2013 NFL Season. Besides the quarterback, he would help out the aforementioned Chandler when the Bills run two tight end sets and also be a receiving threat to draw heat away from Stevie Johnson. He has started 40 games for the Washington Redskins and has amassed 1,973 yards and 12 touchdowns since 2008 including 796 yards in 2011. If the Bills front office was smart, they’d offer him a low guaranteed contract with a good deal of incentives such as staying healthy for all 16 games, if he gets 10 touchdowns in a season and gets 1,000 yards in a season to give him drive to stay healthy and want a lot of balls thrown his way.

Besides the rash of  injuries Davis has had in his career so far, he’s had an off the field incident where a woman has a civil suit pending against him for pouring a drink on her after an altercation in a Washington D.C. night club.

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