Denver Broncos Need Robert Ayers to Step Up

By Joe Morrone
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Players come and players go, it’s a way of life in the NFL and life will go on for the Denver Broncos without Elvis Dumervil. When one door closes, another opens and the door is now wide open for defensive end Robert Ayers. The question is will he take advantage of this golden opportunity?

Ayers has been a good role player on the defensive line since coming out of college four years ago, but has not turned into that every down player that some thought he would. That’s not to say he hasn’t been good at times, in fact Ayers has been downright dominant at times.

There was the playoff game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers in January of 2012; that will always be remembered for the Tim Tebow pass to Demaryius Thomas in overtime. What gets overlooked, however, is the fact that Ayers was the Broncos’ best defensive player that day. He had a huge sack of Ben Roethlisberger late in the game that helped get it into overtime.

Then last season Ayers played terrific in place of Dumervil during a win over the Carolina Panthers. He had a sack and was constantly in the face of Cam Newton. The talent has always been there but the consistency has not been, and that’s the challenge for Ayers.

The Broncos will replace Dumervil with multiple players including a probable free agent signing, but make no mistake this is a big chance for Ayers. Dumervil is gone and maybe some Broncos’ fans will weep a little, but that’s life in big boy football. It’s time for the next guy to step up and that next guy is Ayers. The door cannot open any wider.

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