Kenny Vaccaro the Right Choice at No. 18 for the Dallas Cowboys?

By Jesus Flores
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

As the time draws closer to the 2013 NFL Draft, a player’s stock will finally begin to settle.

In past weeks, some players’ stock has risen and fallen in accordance with their NFL Combine and Pro Day performances, and that makes guessing where they will be drafted a little easier to predict.  However, we all know that during the NFL draft one can throw all the guessing out the window because NFL general managers don’t conduct business the way sports writers and fans do.

In recent mock drafts, the consensus pick for the Dallas Cowboys seems to be Texas safety Kenny Vaccaro, who at 6-1, 215 lbs. offers good size at the position.  Honestly, I’m a fan of the tall, fluid safety that can cover a lot of ground, and Vaccaro seems to fit that mold.  There are some things you can’t teach; size and speed are two of those things.

While watching Vaccaro’s tape I came away feeling good.  Vaccaro excels in zone coverage, which the Tampa Cover 2 would require of him, and also showed ability when covering the deep ball.  He seemed to always be around the ball, but what turns me off about Vaccaro is that he doesn’t have, or didn’t display, the ball-hawking skills necessary when it comes to intercepting the football.

So, when it comes down to the Cowboys selection, they must take everything the scouts saw on tape and in his private workout session and determine whether he’s valuable enough to take at No. 18.  As it stands right now, I wouldn’t be disappointed if the Cowboys selected Vaccaro at No. 18 because the need for safety is there, and we all know that with Jerry Jones, it could be worse;  See: Dallas Cowboys 2009 NFL Draft.

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