New Orleans Saints Rumors: Team could Trade Down in 2013 NFL Draft

By Alejandro Aviles
New Orleans Saints
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The New Orleans Saints made their first free agent acquisition on day three of NFL free agency when they signed cornerback Keenan Lewis to a five-year deal. The Saints are looking to improve their defense and could make some more moves in free agency. However, I am sure the team is looking down the road for a chance to improve as well, and that is why this year’s draft is so important for the Saints.

The Saints currently only have five draft picks for the 2013 NFL draft but there is a way for the team to get more. Right now the Saints have one selection in every round except for the second and seventh rounds. However, it is possible for the team to get more draft picks by trading down in the draft.

The Saints have the 15th overall pick which is an extremely valuable pick for any team, but would the Saints be willing to trade the pick to get more draft picks? It is a possibility that the Saints should explore because having just five picks is not enough for the team.

With their 15th pick I do not think it is out of the question that they could trade the pick for a second and third round pick from a team desperate enough to move up in the draft. Not having a second round pick really hurts the Saints because a lot of quality players will be off the board when the third round is up.

Giving up their first round pick might be a dramatic move by the Saints and some might think it is downright dumb, but if it means they could acquire more picks it might be worth the risk. This year’s draft is deep at a number of positions and more picks might be more valuable to the Saints than their first round pick.

Only time will tell if the Saints will actually trade down to get more picks, but it could be a smart move by the team. April 25 will be an important day for the Saints but something tells me the team already has a plan in mind and this year’s draft will be a good one for the Saints.

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