Dallas Cowboys Going Old School with Tony Romo

By Andrew Fisher
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

With all the talk of Tony Romo signing a new lucrative long-term contract with the Dallas Cowboys, comes a lot of varying opinions. Some fans can’t believe it, while others see that the Cowboys don’t really have a better option right now. Just on the surface though, I can understand the frustration associated with a guy who’s only won one playoff game in his career.

But what other options do the Cowboys have? There aren’t any better quarterbacks available in free agency, and they’re certainly not going to trade up in the draft to try and get Geno Smith. Romo is their guy.

I like the fact that the franchise is sticking with him. I’m calling it ‘old school,’ because how often do you see this happen anymore? If quarterbacks don’t make significant noise in the postseason in three or four years, they’re usually done. Romo will be entering his tenth season as a member of the Cowboys in 2013, and his eighth as the team’s starting quarterback. It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s true.

So in regards to this new deal, I just don’t see a ton of risk associated with it. Romo is the best option for the Cowboys, and they need to make sure they keep him as their starter. Who knows how much money will even be guaranteed to the 32-year old? Players sign mega contracts and then are out on the street three years later all the time in today’s NFL.

I think Romo deserves at least two more years, and if he’s making progress, why not another couple? We all know the talent is there, and it’s now time he steps up in the clutch and shows fans that he can get it done on the big stage. Kudos to the Cowboys for sticking with him.


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