New York Giants Taking Baby Steps With Victor Cruz

By Andrew Lecointe

It has been reported over the weekend that the New York Giants have finally made WR Victor Cruz a long-term contract offer, ranging in the $7 million a year range for three or four years. There hasn’t been any news from the Cruz camp, so it appears he’s looking for more money or more years. Co-owner Steve Tisch told reporters last week that the contracts of WR Wes Welker and WR Danny Amendola could definitely play into negotiations for Cruz. Welker was given $6 million per season from the Denver Broncos, while his former team, the New England Patriots, replaced him with Amendola for that amount per season for five years. Even though Welker has had enormous amount of success in the past five years, it is widely believed he was just a product of Patriots’ QB Tom Brady. At this point, it doesn’t appear as if there’s any other team in the NFL that seems willing to give up a first-round pick and a long-term contract for Cruz. Thus, the Giants are in the driver’s seat in these negotiations, but they still want to get a fair long-term deal done with Cruz as soon as possible. The Giants will start to think about WR Hakeem Nicks after they are done with Cruz. It is highly unlikely Cruz is in another uniform. However, the Giants have taken baby steps in these negotiations, thus further proving the notion they believe in Nicks more than Cruz. Cruz has a lot to lose if he leaves the Giants. He is from North Jersey and his salsa dancing has become a phenomenon, especially with the heavy Hispanic population in the New York tri-state area. Cruz stands to make a lot of money in endorsements in the near future. I think he realizes that.

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