Seattle Seahawks: Is Paul Allen the Best Owner in the NFL?

By Bob Kaupang
Paul Allen, Seattle Seahawks
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Allen is the best owner in the NFL and he deserves to see his Seattle Seahawks win a Super Bowl. There is plenty of optimism in Seattle and with Seahawk fans around the country that this upcoming season could be the year it finally happens.

Why is Allen the best owner? There are many reasons. First, he has deep pockets and isn’t afraid to spend money on a winner. Sure, money can’t buy wins in the NFL with every team having rules with respect to the salary cap, but he is a man who has proven that he will spend a little more, whereas some other owners in the league do what they can do to spend a little less. While this approach hasn’t yet brought a championship to the Pacific Northwest, it certainly isn’t the fault of ownership.

Many people tend to work well in a good work environment.  What does Allen do? He spends $60 million on the Virginia Mason Athletic Center (VMAC) to provide his people with the best facilities available.

Some owners want to be seen and heard in public too much, and they can become distractions. Not Allen.

Some owners want to be involved in the day-to-day operations. They have every right to do this, since they own the team, but the people who have been hired to do a specific job tend to do much better when they are supported, yet left to do that very job to the best of their abilities. Allen gives this support to his workers.

My favorite reason Allen is the best owner in the league is because he stepped in to save the Seahawks by purchasing the team in 1997 when previous owner, Ken Behring, had plans to move the team to Los Angeles. People may argue that some public funds were used to construct Seahawks Stadium (now called CenturyLink Field), but the fact of the matter is that there is a high probability the team would have moved if Allen hadn’t stepped in when he did.

I grew up a fan of the Seahawks, not the Los Angeles or Anaheim Seahawks. If the team had moved to another city, I would have most likely lost some interest. For this reason alone, I am thankful Allen saved football in Seattle and would like nothing more than for the Seahawks to win a Super Bowl while he is still the owner.

The Seahawks have many important pieces already in place to make a strong playoff push next season. Hopefully for Seahawk fans, it will be the year that Paul Allen will be able to accept his overdue Lombardi Trophy.

Bob Kaupang is a Seattle Seahawks writer for  Follow  him on twitter @seahawksbob.

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