Selecting Landry Jones in Any Round Would be a Grave Mistake by the Buffalo Bills

By Scott DelleFave
Landry Jones
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

University of Oklahoma Sooners quarterback prospect Landry “Lance” Jones would have likely been considered a first round or at the latest a second round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, however he decided to stay another year and it hurt his stock greatly. It hurt because it gave teams bad film on him which will drastically drop his draft stock.

While he has excellent size at 6′ 4″ 225 lbs, that’s about the biggest strength he possesses. Another strength is that he is considered a high character player due to his strong Christian beliefs so he will likely never get into much if any trouble at all.  A third strength of Jones’ game would be he has excellent play action pass deception which helps when a team like the Sooners have excellent halfbacks annually like a machine.

Now come the weaknesses of his game. Jones has good arm strength, but doesn’t have a cannon. He also ran most of his plays out of a shotgun so there will be questions in how well he can take a snap under center. In addition, it seemed like Jones had no real sense of urgency between when the blitz came or when the clock was winding down in a game. Another knock on his game would be that he seems robotic in how he beats defense with sheer play calling and not instincts or feelings throughout the game. His delivery of the ball is considerably low considering his 6′ 4″ height and it will result in many batted balls at the next level.

All and all, he should make a team as a backup quarterback and will likely not be a star in the NFL.

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