Time for the Oakland Raiders to Move on From Carson Palmer

By Andrew Fisher
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With word coming down that Carson Palmer is not willing to restructure his contract, the Oakland Raiders are forced with a tough decision on whether or not to release him. The question at hand – is Palmer a $13 million dollar quarterback? That’s what it will take for the Raiders to retain his services in 2013.

The bigger question – how is this even a question? $13 million dollars and Carson Palmer do not go together, but I guess I’m really not surprised that he reportedly won’t take a pay cut. We are talking about the guy who just quit showing up for the Cincinnati Bengals.

While Palmer’s numbers aren’t terrible, he’s simply just a quarterback who’s never won anything in the NFL. He’s not a bad quarterback, and the Raiders are right to want to keep him, but $13 million is a lot of money. This is coming off a season in which the Raiders won four games. It just doesn’t add up.

If you’re Oakland, why not move on and save some money? 2013 doesn’t figure to be the year when the franchise finally gets back to the playoffs, so why not move in a different direction?

Terrelle Pryor is said to be in line to compete for the starting QB spot this season, and again, why not? The Raiders have nothing to lose. If they want to get real crazy, they do hold the No. 3 pick in this year’s draft, so who’s to say they couldn’t take Geno Smith?

Both Pryor and Smith can win four games in a season, and they’ll do it for a lot less than $13 million dollars.

Palmer better dislodge his head from wherever it’s at, because he’s just not worth that much. I understand sticking to your guns and that he’s only asking to be paid what was previously agreed on, but he just comes across as selfish. If he would take the pay cut, it would simply allow the franchise to go out and acquire more talent.

If Palmer is serious about winning, he needs come to his senses and play for less money. If he doesn’t, don’t blame the Raiders for making the right decision by kicking him to the curb.


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