Cleveland Browns Sign QB Jason Campbell

By Ryan Ruiz
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In yet another free agency move, the Cleveland Browns have inked former starting quarterback Jason Campbell to a two year deal. The Browns made it very clear that Brandon Weeden wasn’t going to be handed the job this season. Now we know who he will be competing against.

Like it or not, Campbell is a Brown. This could mean a couple things; 1) Colt McCoy is disposable now or 2) Campbell may be the one leading the 2013 offense. Campbell played in three games for the Chicago Bears. Wow. Did you ever see this one coming?

This is not a good move by the Cleveland front office. I get that they wanted some competition, but the 32-year-olds’ days are over and he is nothing more than a back up quarterback. Perhaps that’s just what he will be. Or, there could be some other completely off-the-wall thinking here. Every new regime wants their own guys, so does this mean Weeden is out?

What does this say about McCoy? Wouldn’t they much rather have a younger mobile quarterback than a journeyman Campbell? This is a very interesting move indeed by the brown-and-orange.

Now the pressure is on Weeden. The sophomore quarterback must get better and out perform Campbell hands down. If Campbell comes in and plays “lights out”, than BW3 will not hear the end of it.

With each move Cleveland makes in free agency, we are starting to get a feel of where the draft is heading. Does Cleveland use one of their six picks to draft a quarterback in the later rounds now? I guess we will find out in 30 days. Poor Thaddeus Lewis.


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