Elvis Dumervil signing: Good for the Baltimore Ravens, Bad for the Cincinnati Bengals

By Simon Greene
Elvis Dumervil - Bob Donnan
Bob Donnan – USA TODAY Sports

After a hard-fought battle, the Baltimore Ravens finally came away with former Denver Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil. It came as a huge boost for the Ravens defense after the loss of Ray Lewis, Dennell Ellerbe, Ed Reed and their top pass rusher Paul Kruger.

Fortunately for the Ravens, having Dumervil come in to replace Kruger at outside linebacker will ease the team’s concerns as not only is it a big help on the salary cap, but they are getting one half of one of last years’ top pass rushing duo’s ‘Doom and Gloom’ – Dumervil and Von Miller, who rack up 29 sacks on the season between the two.

Although the Ravens were reportedly only offering Dumervil $500,000 more next season than the Broncos, it would seem as though moving east rather than stay with the Broncos had a lot more to do with how they treated him as one of their all-time pass rush leaders.

What does this mean for the Cincinnati Bengals?

With the addition of Dumervil at outside linebacker to compliment Terrell Suggs, as well as any inside linebackers that they pick up in the draft, the Ravens will have a defensive line that the Bengals are going to have great difficulty keeping out.

During a pro bowl season in 2012, Dumervil racked up 11 sacks 55 total tackles and six forced fumbles, the kind of numbers that would make any team forget about their outgoing pass rushers and make it seem like the up-hill climb to replace their quickly aging, quickly-depleting offense a lot more manageable.

Last season, Dumervil managed to sack Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton during a great defensive showing by the Bronco, so clearly Dumervil holds a key to finding holes in the Bengals offensive line that the Ravens could otherwise not find.

Coupled with the move of Haloti Ngata to nose tackle to help block for Dumervil, this could wind up being quite a lethal defensive line next season and since he will now be playing the Bengals twice per season, this could spell trouble for Cincinnati.

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