Jerry Jones is Operating Dallas Cowboys Like a College

By Ben Grimaldi


Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

When the news came down today the Dallas Cowboys had agreed on a two-year contract with linebacker Justin Durant, I couldn’t help but get the feeling the whole truth wasn’t out. How could it be when it’s been made known the team doesn’t have enough money to sign anyone at this point in time?

However, as I wrote yesterday, the writing is on wall with a new contract for Tony Romo and it will likely be coming very soon. Why else would the Cowboys be spending time working out players and agreeing to contracts when they don’t have the money to do so?

Then it came to me, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys are operating like a college right now. Think about it in college football terms, Dallas is recruiting, gauging interest and receiving verbal commitments from players because that’s all they can do right now. They can’t sign anyone because they don’t have the money and to put it in college terms, they have the commitment from the players but they have to wait until national signing day to make it official. The Cowboys are waiting for Tony Romo to make it official on ‘signing day’ to make sure all the other recruits follow and sign on the dotted line.

The problem with this strategy is that players go back on their word all the time and switch schools, so Durant, or anyone else the Cowboys believe they have an agreement with, can change their mind. In this situation it’s highly unlikely Durant changes his mind but you never know. In all likelihood, the agreement is in place and the Cowboys are just waiting for the cap space to make if official, which should be coming soon.

Of course that’s also like college because it seems like Jerry Jones is using a credit card to sign players. When I was in college if I didn’t have the money for food or a night out, I would just pay with a credit card and worry about it later. I knew I’d eventually have to pay and so does Jones; he knows the Cowboys will soon have the cap room to actually sign Durant and he’s using an agreement in principal with Durant just as anyone would use a credit card, agree now and pay later.

If you didn’t know any better you would think Jerry Jones was operating the Cowboys like a college and its working. He’s close to getting his quarterback signed long-term and he just got an agreement from a very good defender to help a weak spot in his defense. I guess no one should be surprised since it’s just like Jones to be this creative in getting want he wants.

I’m just waiting on the big announcement for Jerry Jones University, School of Economics. Hey it could be coming, one never knows with Jones.

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