Kevin Vickerson Upset Over Denver Broncos Losing Elvis Dumervil--And He Should Be

By Dan Parzych
(Jeremy Brevard/USA Today Sports)

It’s been an interesting offseason in the NFL and without a question one of the biggest surprises has been the recent signing of Elvis Dumervil with the Baltimore Ravens considering the defensive star had originally agreed to take a pay cut to return to the Denver Broncos for the 2013 season. The Broncos have every reason in the world to be frustrated over losing Dumervil considering how much of a key factor he’s been for the defense over the last couple of seasons and apparently one player in particular is upset over the way the situation played out–Kevin Vickerson.

The defensive tackle recently discussed the move and how he shocked he was to hear about Dumervil joining the Ravens–although he made it clear he’s extremely happy for his former teammate at the same time. Vickerson praised Dumervil for everything he’s done for the team over the last couple of seasons, but he wasn’t afraid to call out whoever dropped the ball that led to him joining the Ravens.

As bad as it sounds, Vickerson makes a great point considering how easy this situation could have been avoided as the only reason why Dumervil was released in the first place was due to the fact that his new deal was faxed to the league office six minutes too late. Not only did Dumervil force six fumbles last season, but he’s recorded 20.5 sacks over the last two seasons in the NFL.

In other words–members of the Broncos should be feeling just as frustrated as Vickerson for the way this situation played out.

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