Nobody Should Be Surprised By Manti Te'o Turning Down Invites to 2013 NFL Draft

By Dan Parzych
(Matt Cashore/USA Today Sports)

With the 2013 NFL Draft right around the corner, all eyes will be on which team decides to take a chance on Notre Dame‘s Manti Te’o as the linebacker seemed like a lock to be a first-round pick a couple months ago before a disappointing performance in the National Championship against Alabama along with the hoax situation. On top of these two things, Te’o’s performance at the NFL Combine was nothing to brag about either–so anything seems capable of happening once the end of April rolls around.

Despite all of the negativity, there is one thing we do know for sure about Te’0–he won’t be Radio City Music Hall in New York once the draft finally does arrive.

Apparently, Te’o turned down two invitations to sit in for the draft and while this would seem like a no-brainer for most players–this decision shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone considering everything the linebacker has dealt with over the last few months. Te’o has already been bombarded with questions when it comes to the details of the hoax and the last thing he needs to deal with is the questions that would come when/if he is selected by a team.

When taking everything into consideration, this is a really smart move on Te’o’s end as the last thing he needs to deal with is more distractions.

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