Rex Ryan: 2013 Will Be a Defining Season for Head Coach

By Andrew Fisher
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Rex Ryan has gone from back-to-back AFC championship games, to an ugly 6-10 season in 2012 with the New York Jets. Just a mere two years ago, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before Ryan led the Jets to a Super Bowl. But it hasn’t happened, and now Ryan faces a fifth year that will determine his future with the franchise.

Where do you even start with the Jets? They’re a team that’s just all over the place, and not even close to being a legitimate contender in the AFC. They don’t know if they want to trade their best player, and they have an awful mess at quarterback. Added on top of everything else, New York lacks play-makers on offense.

So far in free agency the team has remained quiet in terms of signings. All of the chatter centers around whether or not the team will trade Darrelle Revis. This seemingly has things on hold for the Jets. If they can deal him and score another first round draft pick, they could be in business.

Rex Ryan will have to trust the front office folks to do their jobs, and get him some more talent to work with. The current Jets roster isn’t going to get the job done. Even with Ryan on his A-game, calling the defensive plays and everything, he just doesn’t have the players.

If the team can acquire another first round pick this season, it will increase their chances of success dramatically. I’m confident Ryan can right the ship if he has some ball players at his disposal. We’ve seen what he’s done with more talented teams. After four years, he’s gained a lot of knowledge, and fans will have to hope that he turns that into more victories for the Jets.

It’s going to take all players and coaches on top of their games for there to be any chance of success in New York next season, but as I’m sure he’ll tell you, that starts Rex Ryan.


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