Vince Young Impresses at Texas Longhorns Pro Day

By Marian Hinton


Howard Smith: USA TODAY Sports

Even Vince Young himself understands that this is his final shot at the NFL. Today, the quarterback worked out with other former Texas Longhorns at the Pro Day held in Austin, and truth be told, he was impressive and appears to have impressed some people that could have a say in his future.

Young, the former Longhorn standout that many consider to be one of the best college quarterbacks to ever play the game, has spent the last few seasons bouncing around the NFL. His professional career got off to a good start, with Young earning Rookie of the Year honors and being twice named to the Pro Bowl in his first few seasons in the league. However, after some off-the-field concerns led to his eventual release from the Tennessee Titans, his career declined rapidly. Young was soon picked up by the Philadelphia Eagles for a one year stint that quite honestly couldn’t have been worse for the former star.

Now, after the Buffalo Bills released him prior to the season last summer, the free agent is looking for his last chance to make it.

In Austin earlier today, Vince looked better throwing the ball than he has in years, drawing high praise from those in attendance. It seems that he has finally improved his footwork and his passing motion, his passes were on the money, and most importantly, he has slimmed down which could help him regain the step he lost in his running game.

One NFL scout, Matt Miller, had the following to say:

The one thing Vince didn’t do that he should have done, however, is sit down and conduct interviews with those present. I think it’s crucial at this point in his career that Young prove he has matured and is ready to accept the responsibilities of leading an NFL team.

He may not ever again be a starter in the league, but after his performance today, Vince very well could have impressed enough people to land himself a spot on an NFL roster next season.


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