2013 Promises the Most Anticipated Regular Season Game In NFL History

By Corey Elliot
Kyle Tarada-US Presswire

The Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos immediately became the most anticipated NFL match-up the second Peyton Manning signed with Denver just over a year ago after being released by the Colts.

That game almost came sooner than anyone would have imagined this past postseason in the playoffs. Had the Colts beaten the Baltimore Ravens they would have traveled to Denver to take on Manning and his new crew.

However, that didn’t happen and unfortunately, what was sure to be the most watched NFL game ever was put on hold. Luckily, the NFL works in mysterious ways and the Broncos will travel to Indianapolis this fall.

Talk about making the most of a situation.

The two teams will not only just play each other this coming season, they will play in the house that Peyton built in front of Colts fans that will have more mixed emotions than a pregnant woman—with all due respect to the wonderful mothers-to-be out there.

There are going to be fans that will sell tickets for many times the face value, and while some loyal Manning fans will show up donning their orange Broncos jerseys, others (like me) will be in attendance preparing to give the longest standing ovation ever when Manning is introduced.

For those in attendance it is going to be something that will never be forgotten, and it will most likely draw ridiculous television ratings as it will more than likely be a prime time game on Sunday or Monday night.

More than anything, though, it will be Andrew Luck against the man that has solidified greatness since the time Luck was in grade school.

I know the NFL’s schedule rotates inter-conference play every four years but I can’t help but wonder if plotting this game in Indianapolis was the work of Roger Goodell himself.

Either way, next fall, prepare for one of the most significant moments in Indianapolis Colts franchise history.

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