Chicago Bears: Kelvin Hayden Is Here to Stay

By danielleanderson
Kelvin Hayden- USA Today Sports

I don’t want to just regurgitate news you already heard via websites, newspapers or applications.  I want to provide you with an opinionated view on what’s going on.

In the past few hours,  Kelvin Hayden has been added back to the Chicago Bears roster.  The free agent was added back to the Bears roster shortly after the start of free agency.  Good call? Yes, although he only started two games he appeared in all of the games this past season and has some impressive stats.  They include 40 tackles and being tied for the NFL lead.

The former Illinois Fighting Illini was reportedly paid $825,000 for the 2012 season and was signed to one year for that season as well.  I see a pattern here.  Will he be able to nab a contract that is longer than one year? Is he going to be paid more or less this season?  I wonder because he makes a sizable amount, more than Colin Kaepernick, the San Francisco 49ers Quarterback (~$608,000 2012 season).   That was a random comparison, yet I feel it was necessary because this team bouncer (consistent team changer) makes more than a new starting Quarterback.

In the 2011 season he was an Atlanta Falcon.  This is the third straight year he has been signed to a one year contract leaving me to want nothing more, but than to call him Mr. One Year.  I think this is a fitting name for the frequent short term free agent.  He is never unemployed long, but three teams in three years has caused me to wonder why there is no longevity with cornerback Hayden?  It could be a lack of cohesiveness with the team.  There is no answer to be known at the moment.  Let’s assume Mr. One Year will be given a multiple year contract in the upcoming seasons.

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