Could Jason Campbell Win the Starting Job For the Cleveland Browns?

By Dan Parzych
(Tim Fuller/USA Today Sports)

There’s been plenty of talk this offseason about whether or not the Cleveland Browns would bring another quarterback on board for the 2013 season to give Brandon Weeden some competition considering the franchise isn’t 100 percent sold on building the franchise around him. Apparently, the Browns are willing to see what another former starter has to offer–Jason Campbell.

The Browns agreed to a two-year deal with Campbell on Tuesday after he spent last season with the Chicago Bears and while it’s still way too early to tell–it wouldn’t be a surprise if Campbell gave Weeden a run for his money when it comes to the starting job. One of the main reasons why the Bears brought Campbell on board last season was because they wanted a reliable backup quarterback in case something happened to Jay Cutler and from an experience perspective–Campbell certainly has the advantage.

Of course, whether or not Campbell would succeed with the Browns is a different story. One of the most difficult things for Weeden to deal with as a rookie was his lack of weapons in the passing game and until that improves–it’s safe to say both quarterbacks could end up struggling in 2013.

Either way, it’s good to see the Browns bring on a veteran quarterback like Campbell to give Weeden some competition. Cleveland has been making plenty of moves this offseason and it will be interesting to see what happens between these two quarterbacks once training camp rolls around a few months right now.

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