It's Probably Time Jim Harbaugh Toned it Down a Bit

By Andrew Fisher
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh is one of those coaches that most people either love or hate. Some people can’t stand his antics on the sidelines, while others admire his passion for the game. I actually fall somewhere in the middle, as I don’t mind the animation, but I do think there’s a place to draw the line.

Harbaugh basically hit a new low this past postseason when cameras were on him 24/7 during the NFC championship game and Super Bowl. The whole country was watching, but Harbaugh didn’t care. In fact, he was probably the most animated that I saw him all season, especially late in the Super Bowl.

But how can you blame the guy? There were some controversial calls in the big game. I get that, but Harbaugh’s actions went a little too far.

I know as much as anybody about getting worked up over sports, but I can’t even imagine the emotion invested in coaching a team in the NFL. These guys are very competitive, especially the former players like Harbaugh. The way he acts on the sidelines, is just him with the volume turned way up.

For the sake of the San Francisco 49ers organization, the head coach needs to turn that volume down a little bit. I’m not calling for him to be some emotionless drone out there, just for him to act in a slightly more mature way than we’ve seen over the past two years.

I really respect Jim Harbaugh as a coach, and I want to like him more, but he needs to grow up in his third year. He’s representing a proud franchise, and a little more class never hurt anybody.


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