Larry Fitzgerald Won't Demand Trade from Arizona Cardinals, but Deserves One

By Ryan Heckman


Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Last season, I regrettably drafted Larry Fitzgerald in fantasy football. I traded him halfway through the season. Need I say more? Fair enough, I suppose I shall.

This is getting old. After ten years, over 10,000 yards receiving, 77 career touchdowns and being one of the most sure-handed guys in the entire NFL, Fitzgerald still doesn’t have a Super Bowl ring. He had a shot with Kurt Warner at the helm, but the Pittsburgh Steelers snatched that away from him in dramatic fashion in 2009.

Was it really only four years ago? If it feels longer for me, I can’t imagine the length of time it has been in Fitzgerald’s mind. He has produced as well as he can for the Arizona Cardinals the past couple of seasons, but to no avail. The Cardinals continue to be one of the biggest laughing stocks in the league as they try to find an offensive identity without a quarterback or solidified offensive line.

There really is no better example of class in the NFL than Fitzgerald. Constantly involved not only in his local community, but traveling abroad quite often to take part in mission efforts, he is the epitome of a classy, humble superstar; a rarity these days with guys like Chad Johnson, Randy Moss, and Terrell Owens finishing up their illustriously overdramatic careers.

It is one giant shame that Fitzgerald will likely go down as the Dan Marino of wide receivers. He is physically one of the most gifted to ever play his position, and will be a probable candidate for the Hall of Fame when it’s all said and done. Yet, playing for a franchise like the Cardinals at this point is a one way ticket to the bottom of the standings.

Fitzgerald is not the type of guy who would demand a trade, but he absolutely deserves one to come his way. Witnessing him receive the opportunity to play for a championship once more would be a pleasure to football fans everywhere. Unfortunately from the looks of the situation, it likely won’t happen as there have been no talks of a trade any time soon.

The only thing there is to do for Fitzgerald now is to look forward with his current team. There are still many question marks on both sides of the ball, most notably with the quarterback position. Is trading for Carson Palmer an answer? If not, which of the current quarterbacks would you feel confident handing the keys to if you’re Arizona? The Cardinals are still in a world of trouble at the moment, and sadly for Fitzgerald, so are his championship aspirations.

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