New York Giants: What's Holding Up the Victor Cruz Deal?

By Andrew Fisher
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I’m sure that some New York Giants‘ fans are starting to get a little restless as we enter the third week of the new NFL season. The elephant in the room right now for Giants’ fans – Victor Cruz. His new deal, or lack there of, is likely causing quite a bit of anxiety. Not to mention the fact that the franchise actually placed a first round tender on the wide receiver, which was somewhat of a risky move.

No other teams have made an offer to Cruz, so it now comes back to why a deal hasn’t already been struck? The Giants have reportedly offered a contract that would pay him $7 million per season, but apparently that’s not enough, or the deal isn’t long enough.

While I understand the unpleasantness of this situation, it really just seems like a matter of time before Cruz will come to an agreement with the team. They know how badly they need him, and it’s now down to working out the dollars and cents.

Cruz has to know that New York is the right place for him, especially after Eli Manning offered to potentially restructure his contract if it came down to it. Manning admittedly has even been checking the papers every morning just to make sure no one else has signed Cruz. You know it’s kind of serious when the franchise QB starts entertaining the idea of taking a pay cut.

I think sometimes we get caught up in today’s ‘instant information’ culture, and we always expect things to happen right away. It’s only been two weeks since the new season officially began, and these contract talks take time. Fans shouldn’t worry, it seems extremely likely that Cruz will be in New York next season, and beyond.


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