Ronde Barber Says Josh Freeman is Playing for His Job in 2013

By Andrew Fisher
Daniel Shirey-USA Today Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a team still trying to find their true identity. Lots of quality pieces are in place, but not everyone is sold that Josh Freeman is the man for the job at quarterback. One such person – free agent cornerback Ronde Barber. The long-time Buc was on a recent episode of Total NFL Access, and made the following comments about Freeman:

“I think coach wants to find out if Josh is the guy because Josh shows moments of complete brilliance. Yet, he gives you the moments where you’re scratching your head as well. It’s kind of reflective of our season and as a whole last year.”

When asked if Freeman is playing for his job in 2013:

“I would imagine so. That’s just the nature of football. (When) you have a new coach, which we had last year, you’re proving yourself to him, and Josh has to do that.”

So is Barber just being real? Or he is way off base?

I think that he’s somewhere in between, because it’s tough to see 2013 being Freeman’s last year as the starter of the Bucs. Although, I do understand where Barber is coming from when he says that Freeman must prove himself to Greg Schiano.

A coach inheriting a quarterback, is much different than a coach drafting one he hand-picked out of college. But it doesn’t mean that Schiano isn’t confident in Freeman. I think that Freeman is good for at least another two seasons in Tampa, and that only a really bad season in 2013 would raise some serious questions about his status with the team.

Ronde Barber is not way off base with his comments, he’s merely just giving his honest opinion on a situation he was around last season.


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