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Arizona Cardinals Rumors: Should Team Pursue Carson Palmer?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Recent rumors surfaced that the Arizona Cardinals could be interested in trading for current Oakland Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer. Palmer recently said that he would not be willing to take a pay cut to help clear up cap room for the Raiders.

If the Cardinals were to take on another quarterback right now, that would make for potentially six on their roster. Other current quarterbacks include Kevin Kolb, John Skelton, Ryan Lindley, Drew Stanton, and Brian Hoyer.

At the moment, new head coach Bruce Arians appears quite confident that Stanton could be his starter going into 2013. Having coached him last year when he backed up Andrew Luck with the Indianapolis Colts, Arians has a feel for what Stanton has done to improve his play over the years.

Arians also said that he’s not a “two quarterback guy.” Well, at the moment you have a few more than two, Mr. Arians. Bringing on Palmer may confuse everyone on the intentions Arians has for his team.

There is also the fact that Palmer has been incredibly inconsistent as a Raider, not even coming close to living up to expectations. He has a strong arm, but outside of that fact he doesn’t have much else to offer. He is past his prime, not a mobile guy, and very inaccurate at times.

I believe the Cardinals should stay far away from Palmer, especially because they already have to deal with another larger contract in Kolb. Stanton appears ready for his shot to start, and Arians looks as though if is also ready to give him that shot. Time is running out for the Cardinals to pair a halfway decent quarterback with one of the best wide receivers the NFL has seen this decade in Larry Fitzgerald.

I am not sure what is to be done in Oakland with Palmer, but that is their problem, not Arizona’s. He can continue to make poor decisions and keep their offense at a standstill as far as I’m concerned. The Cardinals don’t have time for that.

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