Baltimore Ravens Slowly Putting Defense Back Together

By Andrew Fisher
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

After somewhat of a fire sale earlier this month, the Baltimore Ravens are slowly starting to redeem themselves. Things looked extremely bleak for the Super Bowl champs after they decided either to not re-sign, or part ways with several top talents on defense. In addition to all the cuts and failures to re-sign players, the team also lost its leaders when Ray Lewis retired and Ed Reed decided to not re-up for another run.

People were beside themselves, they just couldn’t believe the champs would drop so many players, and seemingly give up on the 2013 season. Well, all of that chatter was premature as it turns out.

Since the fire sale, Baltimore has inked three solid defensive players to its roster – Marcus Spears, Elvis Dumervil, and now Michael Huff.

These three players should more than reignite fans’ interest in the team heading into 2013. It’s no longer a complete rebuilding situation in Baltimore, and with the draft still to come, things are actually looking pretty good for the franchise.

While I didn’t like to see the fire sale in Baltimore, I just chalked it up to ‘one of those things’ in sports. Teams get blown up after championships, it happens. I figured the Ravens would just go heavy on defenders in the draft, and slowly rebuild the team over a couple years. With these key free agent signings, every thing has changed. Now if the Ravens can hit a home run in the draft, they could actually be sitting pretty good heading into training camp. Certainly, in a much different place than most expected.

Baltimore is still pretty far from getting its defense back to the level fans are accustomed to, but they’ve taken a big step in the right direction over the past week.


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