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Miami Dolphins Finally Confirm Leaked Photo As New Logo

Photo Leaked Via Twitter

Photo Leaked Via Twitter

The internet has been abuzz over the last few months with speculation surrounding the changing logo of the Miami Dolphins. There have been many suggestions and predictions, but the wait is finally over.

Over the last couple of weeks leaked photos, like the one pictured above, made their way into the public eye. Even got into the action by accidentally adding the new logo next to the Dolphins name in their “Predict the Pick” campaign.

On Wednesday, Dolphins CEO Mike Dee confirmed that the leak was in fact the Dolphins’ newest logo. The organization had intended to make a major production of the new design’s release, but after several leaked photos made their way on to the internet, they decided to let the logo introduce itself.

The response has been varied, as can be expected. The Dolphins are a team that has a very passionate fan-base, and the eye of the beholder comes into play with anything new.

There are those who have supported the team and been optimistic about the moves made by owner Stephen Ross and general manager Jeff Ireland. Those people see the new logo as the start of a new era, and the work this off-season will hopefully reflect that when the team takes the field in their new uniforms (more on that in a moment).

Then there are the die-hard fans that will not be happy no matter what the team does as long as it is owned by Ross and ran by Ireland. That’s not a shot at the hardcore fan, it is just the truth. These fans hate the new look and are quick to take to the internet to make sure the Dolphins management team know it.

No matter which side of the logo you fall on, the fact is, the Dolphins are in the midst of a complete re-branding. They started last year with the hiring of Joe Philbin as coach and made the new day clear as could be by selecting Ryan Tannehill with the first pick in last year’s draft. It marked the first time the Dolphins used their first round pick on a quarterback in all of their storied years.

Philbin and Ireland have flipped the team’s roster upside down. They have brought in a new regime of starters and now they will be putting them on the field with a new logo on their helmets and new uniforms on their backs.

The uniforms are said to be a throwback to the Dolphins earlier years, with the focus returning to the team’s aqua and orange roots. The helmet will be overhauled as well, with the biggest change coming in the form of an all white face mask. In this, they will join the Kansas City Chiefs as the only team sporting the look.

Hate it or love it, the Dolphins are making changes and moves that are intended to push the dark days of Miami to the side and usher the team and their fans into a new era. They have tried to acknowledge the legendary history of the team, while making things modern as well. It may not be perfect to everyone, but it is what the franchise will be going forward with, regardless of the fan fallout.

The Dolphins feel like they have something special brewing, and the reality is, fans either need to get on board, or jump ship. No one will appreciate the naysayers becoming staunch supporters around Week 8 when the Dolphins are showing signs of success. Original fan or not, that has bandwagon written all over it.

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