Who will be the Chicago Bears backup QB?

By Matt Gabrielson
Chicago Bears Jay Cutler
Brace Hemmelgarn-US Presswire

Everybody knows that Jay Cutler will be the Chicago Bears starting quarterback when the season starts next fall, but who will be the backup QB for the team?  Recently former backup QB Jason Campbell signed a two year deal with the Cleveland Browns, which leaves the Bears with Cutler and Josh McCown as the only quarterbacks currently on the Bears roster.

McCown would be a good player to keep on the roster, but he is no more than a third option at best.  He is almost like a coach on the sidelines, which is funny since before the Bears brought him back to the NFL he was coaching a high school team which is one plus to keeping McCown around the team.  Cutler and McCown are also reportedly close which only benefits the Bears because God forbid something happened to Cutler you know he would be willing to help McCown out.

There are some decent quarterbacks out there that could come in and fill the backup role that the Bears are looking for.  Players such as Colt McCoy and Brady Quinn fit the bill.  McCoy has spent his entire career with the Browns to this point.  Between second year QB Brandon Weeden and the recent addition of Jason Campbell, that pretty much signifies McCoy’s time with the Browns is all but over.  I personally have always been a fan of McCoy ever since his college days back at the University of Texas.  I think that Colt has a good presence and is a smart enough player that if the Bears had to turn to him they would be okay.

Another possible good fit for the Bears could be Brady Quinn.  Quinn has been a bit of a journeyman throughout his career, most recently playing for the Kansas City Chiefs.  Quinn also was originally brought into the league by the Browns.  He is a smart quarterback that has learned many different systems during his NFL career so far, so learning another new playbook may not be a huge challenge for him.

While the Bears may look to free agency to fill the role of their backup quarterback, do not be surprised if the team decides to look to the draft for their backup QB.  There are several intriguing options out there, but with the draft you just do not know who will be there when you go to pick.  The Bears would be better suited to have a veteran backup that has been through some battles in the league already.  As we have seen the past few seasons, the Bears have had to use a backup quarterback to start at least one game.  This decision is often overlooked but very important. It would be terrible if the Bears miss the playoffs all because they did not get the right backup QB.

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