Aaron Rodgers Should Be Thrilled Over Tony Romo's Extension

By Kris Hughes
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Oddly enough, the Dallas Cowboys have extended the contract of quarterback Tony Romo before the Green Bay Packers were able to do the same for their All-Pro signal caller Aaron Rodgers. This timing, however, is the best of all worlds for Rodgers and exponentially bizarre, as I guess which can be expected any more, from the Cowboys.

In creating an extension for Romo which will ensure he is paid $108 million over six seasons with $55 of that $108 million guaranteed, the door is wide open for Rodgers and his agent to demand a contract worth at least $130 million with $65-70 million guaranteed, even if we are doing the simplest of statistical analyses.

In short, Rodgers has been cool as ice where Romo has crumbled. Romo has one a single playoff game in his eight seasons with the Cowboys while Rodgers already has a Super Bowl victory under his belt and has led the Packers to the playoffs multiple times. Comparing this two isn’t even worth the time it would take to show how much better of a quarterback Rodgers is than Romo, and now he has a platform of comparison to work with which is certain to be valuable as his contract negotiations wind down with the Green Bay Packers.

This certainly isn’t to suggest that Rodgers would not have gotten the money due to him anyhow, but it never hurts to have a comparison point for both the agent and player to work with. It’s also an extreme show of faith by Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys upper management in Romo to provide this type of guaranteed cash to a figure who is tolerated by fans at best and reviled at worst.

What could Dallas possibly know about Romo that we can not see with our own eyes? Are they assuming that an improved offensive line will finally allow him to flourish? Is this even a reasonable assumption?

Regardless of what the Cowboys are doing, the ball is now squarely in the Packers court.

And as it is, Aaron Rodgers certainly has a grin from ear to ear.


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