Baltimore Ravens' Defensive End Already Stirring the Pot

By Devin O'Barr
Marcus Spears with teammates
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

NFL players will rarely shy away from a camera, microphone or even the most controversial of Tweets. However, Marcus Spears of the Baltimore Ravens is already starting problems and he has yet to play a down for the defending champions.

Spears spent the first eight years of his career with the Dallas Cowboys and his allegiance came out while he was at the LSU Tigers Pro-Day. When asked about the Cowboys’ firing of defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, Spears spouted off and said “I don’t feel like he should have been fired.” Ryan only spent two seasons with Spears, but apparently the two created quite the bond while in Dallas considering Spears’ defensive stance. No pun intended.

I do not understand why Spears felt the need to talk about a team that he no longer plays for and a coordinator that no longer coaches him nor his former team. Rather than tell reporters that he felt Ryan should’ve stayed I think Spears should’ve talked about his current team and how they’re going to do this season. The Cowboys are no longer paying Spears and Ryan is busy coaching up a historically awful New Orleans Saints defense, so why would the defensive end even attempt to ruffle everyones feathers?

Either way, if Spears can’t get his head out of Big D than maybe he should’ve re-signed with America’s team. Unfortunately, the Ravens are not scheduled to play the Saints nor the Cowboys, so the tensions involved in this firing will remain at bay unless the three find a way to meet in the postseason. One thing is for certain, Spears is now a Raven and needs to focus on that rather than sing a sad song for his former defensive coordinator.

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